I’ve had a long and varied career in food as a chef, writer, food stylist, culinary tour leader and more. I never expected to become a caterer specializing in weddings but I’ve had the privilege to work with so many charming and fascinating couples in the last few years to help them plan the best day possible for their celebrations. I always enjoy getting to know all of them as a wedding is such a personal occasion.

Our wedding couples come from all over the country and the world and from all kinds of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. But, one thing they all seem to have in common: our customers are curious and well educated; they love travel; are open-minded; and love the kind of bold, “roots cooking” that is our specialty at Material Culture.

Many work in non-profits, and many own their own businesses. Many are professors, doctors, teachers, attorneys, scientific researchers, visual artists, musicians, curators, chefs, and restaurant managers. Some brew their own beer, make their own jams, bread, and come up with some really creative table decorations. I work closely with all of them and you to create a delicious and beautiful menu full of appealing choices that reflect the seasons, the products of local growers, and that feature the bold and freshly-made seasonings which make our food memorable.

My goal for you and your guests is for everyone to agree that “this is the best wedding food ever!”

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