Tibetan Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery Return to Material Culture, April 18-22

Please Join the Tibetan Buddhist Monks Of Drepung Gomang Monastery, India, for the Construction and Dismantling of a Sacred Tibetan Sand Mandala, followed by a cultural celebration and performance of traditional Tibetan dance, lively debate, chanting, prayer and meditation. Days 1 thru 4: Mandala Construction | Wed, April 18 - Sat, April 21, 11am-4pm Day 5: Tibetan Cultural Pageant and Mandala Dismantling: Sunday, April 22, 1-3pm Free, Open to the Public, Unlimited Free Parking, Everyone Welcome, Bring Kids During their stay with us, their lovely sacred crafts will also be offered for sale. The sale of these items and donations for their ceremonies and events go to funding the monastery in India. CULTURAL PERFORMANCE PROGRAM, SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 1PM Welcoming His Holiness The Dalai Lama And Offering Of Mandala. According to Tibetan custom, if His Holiness in not physically present, his holy portrait is displayed to symbolize that he is nevertheless the Chief Guest at the function or gatherings. At the same time, one offers all that one values in the Universe by reciting prayers, and visualizing that one is offering these to the guru or lama. Tashi Sholpa (Good Luck Dance) Tashi Shoelpa is the oldest opera [...]

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Film Screening and Talk | “In Rajasthan” | Feb 24.

Film Screening and Talk | “In Rajasthan” With Director/Producer, Katherine Kingsland Winner: Best Documentary, Rajasthan International Film Festival Saturday, February 24, 1:00 PM, Refreshments Free • Open to Public • Unlimited Free Parking In Rajasthan is an intimate look at a disappearing culture in one of India’s most traditional states. It is the story of two families, one Hindu and one Muslim, living in an ancient village in the Thar Desert whose lives have been interwoven for thousands of years with the Rajputs, once their feudal lords and protectors. They speak candidly about marriage, their qualms about their spouses, the caste system, the dubious future of children exposed to the modern world, the afterlife, and the religious differences between them. Today, their traditional way of life is besieged, but their struggles with family, allegiance, religious conflict and death seem timeless. The film is an international collaboration of crew from India, England and the US. It includes internationally acclaimed actor Kabir Bedi as the voice of the storyteller who frames the story, Andrew T. Mackay as the composer of the music score, and Katherine Kingsland as the director/producer. Katherine has worked as a journalist for US and international television networks including [...]

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Join Us: The People’s Art of Brazil | Lecture and Book Signing, Dec. 2

Sacred Art: Catholic Saints and Candomblé Gods in Modern Brazil Join Us: Lecture, Book Signing & Refreshments Folklorists Henry Glassie and Pravina Shukla Present an Illustrated Lecture on the People's Art of Brazil, based on their monumental new book: Sacred Art: Catholic Saints and Candomblé Gods in Modern Brazil Saturday, December 2, 2PM Free, Open to the Public Unlimited Free Parking Books Available for Purchase São Benedito by Edival and Izaura Rosas, Salvador, Brazil. Yemanjá by Francisco Santos, Salvador, Brazil. Sacred art flourishes today in northeastern Brazil, where European and African religious traditions have interacted for centuries. Professional artists in the Northeast create images of the Catholic saints and the African gods of Candomblé to meet the needs of a vast market of believers and art collectors. Over the past decade, Henry Glassie and Pravina Shukla, folklorists trained in anthropology, have conducted intense ethnographic research in the states of Bahia and Pernambuco, interviewing the artists at length, photographing their processes and products, attending Catholic and Candomblé services, and finally creating a comprehensive book, governed by the understandings of the artists themselves. Nossa Senhora Desatadora dos Nós by Rosalvo Santana, Maragojipinho, Brazil. Beginning [...]

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Lecture & Book Signing | Howard Finster’s Amazing Visionary Legacy

Lecture, Auction Exhibition, Book Signing, Film & Refreshments | Saturday, October 14, 2017, 2pm Howard Finster Howard Finster’s Amazing Visionary Legacy: So Was He the “Backwoods William Blake” and the “Southern Andy Warhol”? An Illustrated Lecture by Norman Girardot, Author of Envisioning Howard Finster: The Religion and Art of a Stranger From Another World (University of California Press, 2015). Accompanied by a short Film entitled “I Can Feel Another Planet in My Soul: The Remarkable Story of Howard Finster” by David Fetcho, Susan English Fetcho, and Steven Pattie Free, Open to the Public, Unlimited Free Parking 360 Degrees of Fine, Folk & Outsider Art Live Auction: Sunday, October 15, 2017, 11AM EST Exhibition: October 13-14, 11AM-4PM Browse the Auction Catalog and Bid Live on these Portals:   Absentee Bid Form | Telephone Bid Form | Terms and Conditions (PDF) Browse the Virtual Auction Print Catalog Norman Girardot, University Distinguished Professor, Lehigh University and Author of Envisioning Howard Finster: The Religion and Art of a Stranger From Another World (University of California Press, 2015) Envisioning Howard Finster: The Religion and Art of a Stranger From Another World (University of California Press, 2015) When Howard Finster died in 2001 (b. 1916), he [...]

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Tibetan Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery Return to Material Culture

Material Culture is deeply honored to once again host the Tibetan Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery, India. Please join us for the Construction and Dismantling of a Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala 5 DAYS: Wednesday, May 24 - Sunday, May 28 Free to the Public Wednesday, May 24 - Friday, May 26, 11am-5pm Saturday, May 27, 11am-4pm DISMANTLING: Sunday, May 28, 1-3pm During their stay with us, their lovely sacred crafts will also be offered for sale. The sale of these items and donations for their ceremonies and events go to funding the monastery in India. It is truly an honor to host the monks and support the important spiritual works which they dedicate their lives to.

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Monika Turtle Trunk Show at Material Culture, Feb. 3, 4 & 5

MONIKA TURTLE TRUNK SHOW! @ MATERIAL CULTURE Copyright © 2017 MonikaTurtle, All rights reserved. After an adventurous eight year hiatus from the fashion industry, nationally recognized Philadelphia designer, Monika Turtle, will show her latest work of hand knits and textiles at Material Culture's new boutique shop, Merchant Monkey! Fri/Sat/Sun, February 3-5, 11am-5pm At Material Culture's New Boutique Shop, MERCHANT MONKEY Monika Turtle Studio - The company began in the early 1990's producing an artfully designed millinery & accessory line. With contemporary appeal and hand-crafted styling, the pieces sold in art-to-wear galleries and boutiques around the world. By mid-decade, the company was manufacturing Monika's signature line of women's clothing. Today, with the same dedication to crafting traditions, responsible production and lasting quality she will be presenting her beautiful new line of hand knits. New textures! New colors & styles - ponchos, shrugs, wraps & so much more! See what's arriving for Spring, browse thru the endless curiosities and don't forget to pop on into Colors by Padmini to fulfill your shopping experience. Visit MonikaTurtle.com

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“The Plot to Hack America”: Lecture by Bestselling Author and NBC/MSNBC Analyst, Malcolm Nance

Join Us | Lecture and Book Signing by NY Times Bestselling Author and NBC/MSNBC Analyst, Malcolm Nance Lecture and Book Signing: 2PM, Saturday, January 28 Free, Open to the Public, Unlimited Free Parking Books Available for Purchase In The Plot to Hack America, published one month before the 2016 presidential election, New York Times bestselling author and MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance not only identifies the hackers as Russian but digs deep into the biggest political scandal since Watergate. Malcolm Nance (born 1961, Philadelphia) is an American career cryptologic senior chief petty officer, author, scholar and media commentator on international terrorism, intelligence, insurgency and torture. He is an internationally recognized expert in the history, personalities and organization of al Qaeda and its affiliates including the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant ISIL; jihadi radicalization, Islamic extremism in Middle East, Southwest Asian and African terror groups, as well as counterinsurgency and asymmetric warfare. In 2007 Nance wrote an article for the counterinsurgency blog Small Wars Journal titled "Waterboarding is Torture... period." Republished in the Pentagon Early Bird, it set off a firestorm as the first credible description of the torture technique as used in SERE. The article strongly swayed the Pentagon against the use [...]

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LOVE IS THE BOMB | Saturday, Dec. 10, Trunk Show Sale, Lecture, Book Signing!

Watch "Buying Back the Bombs" Video The Secret War was waged in neutral Laos between 1964 and 1973.  An average of one bomb-load every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years. Of the 250 million bombs dropped, 80 million failed to detonate, leaving a deadly legacy that plagues the agrarian population today. The Philosopher's Style, by Beatrix Ost "Nothing is as it seams. Black and white is just a color. I design jewelry made from bombs detonated in Laos, turning horror into beauty." Since 2015, artist and fashion muse Beatrix Ost has brought design talent and vision to ARTICLE22’s New Luxe Line. With a shared ethos, Beatrix was inspired by the transformation story of Peacebomb.  Her personal transformation story was skin cancer that left a Z-shaped scar on her forehead. Embracing this personal horror, she turned it into beauty by tattooing it light purple.  Visit the Beatrix Ost dot com website  

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Lecture and Reception: “Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery”

 Lecture and Reception: “Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery” Matt Friedman, CEO, The Mekong Club Thursday, August 18, 7pm Free, Open to the Public, Refreshments Every five seconds, another person enters slavery somewhere in the world. It is estimated that there are over 45 million people in slavery today — more than any other time in history. One minute it might be a fifteen year old girl forced into prostitution, or a young boy forced onto a fishing boat to work 18 hours a day for years without coming to port. To make sense of this crime against humanity, Matt Friedman will offer a compressive update on the State-of-the-Art of human slavery. Friedman’s talk will explore the changing human trafficking paradigm; the relationship between human trafficking and slavery; global trends and patterns; new, emerging responses; evolving funding trends; what is working/not working; the role of the private sector; and what is really needed to win the fight. The presentation will offer a glimpse behind the curtain of this terrible human rights abuse — one that is much closer to home than we might expect. Presenter Matt Friedman Matt Friedman is an international human trafficking expert with more than 25 years of experience as a [...]

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