Painted Bride Art Center’s 45th Anniversary Celebration

The 45th Anniversary Celebration of Painted Bride Art Center took place on Saturday May 18, 2014 here at Material Culture. Please see the below testimonials and photos from Painted Bride Art Center. "The Painted Bride Art Center held it's 45th Anniversary Celebration at Material Culture this past Saturday and it was a smashing success. The venue is unparalleled with art and furniture from all over the world used as the backdrop or the centerpiece for your event. It's a visual delight and our guests were impressed as soon as they walked in the door. And, the food was outstanding! Baba Olga's café is on site and  Chef Aliza Green prepared a Caribbean buffet that was absolutely delicious. And the table presentation was more than we could have hoped for. She even had fresh sugar cane in vases beside the buffet table. The owners and staff could not have been more accommodating. They went out of their way to make sure that our needs were met and had creative suggestions to make our event the success that it was. When we asked our guests what contributed to our success they said it was the venue (Material Culture), the food (Baba Olga's Café) and the band [...]

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A Material Culture Wedding Story

On May 10, 2014, a wonderful wedding was held here at Material Culture. The event was documented beautifully by photographer Inna Spivakova and we wanted to share it with you. See the below descriptions and photos from Inna's website, Peach Plum Pear Photography. "I knew I was going to like Rachel and Josh’s wedding from the very start. They chose a very unique Philadelphia venue, Material Culture, for their ceremony and reception. It’s basically a huge warehouse filled with antique furniture and other beautiful objects (clothing, incense, statues). I LOVED the idea of it! We started the (rainy) day at Loews Hotel, where we did some photos on the 33rd floor with a great view of the Philadelphia skyline. Then we did some portraits of Rachel and Josh in the amazing rug gallery at Material Culture, which was also where their reception took place. It was truly special. And their celebration was really fun, with good bands, lots of dancing, delicious buffet-style dinner, ice cream and donuts instead of a traditional cake and a hookah lounge. Thanks Rachel and Josh for letting me be a part of your celebration!" A few words from Rachel and Josh about how they planned their wedding: “Josh [...]

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Jonathan Demme Pre-Auction Exhibition Party! Friday, March 28, 7-11PM

Join Jonathan Demme with friends in person at Material Culture for a special pre-auction exhibition party on Friday, March 28, from 7-11 p.m., with live music and refreshments. Admission to the party and the weeklong exhibition are free and open to the public. The Friday night party starts off a weekend of auctions dedicated solely to the superb self-taught art collection of Jonathan Demme.

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Parting Notes: “Decoding The Veil” Exhibition at Material Culture

Isabella de la Houssaye, Curator of the "Decoding The Veil" exhibition at Material Culture Area women talk about the garment's meaning; Philly exhibit explores the history of why and how women wear them From The News Journal, Wilmington, DE By Margie Fishman Dec 1, 2013 Wajeeha Choudhary began covering her hair at age 15. Adolescence was a tumultuous time, she remembers. Her hijab, or headscarf, protected her from the male gaze to some degree, while allowing her intellect and personality to shine through. "I saw it as a point of stability in my life," says Choudhary, a Muslim. "I started donning it and I had a better sense of myself and my identity." Now a doctoral student at Drexel University who lives in Media, Pa, she studies how veiled Muslim women negotiate the workplace. While critics argue that the tradition of hiding a woman's physical beauty is draconian or oppressive, Choudhary believes society's obsession with appearance is the real injustice. "Think about how much pressure there is in our society for women to be portrayed as beautiful," she says. "It just gets tiring – to constantly be on the watch of how you look every minute of the [...]

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Inaugural Exhibition: Promoting Peace Through Art

November 1 to 17 Material Culture Presents: The Afghan Peace Rug Project Reception: Friday Nov. 1 from 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. For the past 30 years, Afghan war rugs have been highly valued and internationally collected as pieces of modern folk art. These rugs, woven by Afghan village artisans since 1979 following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, depict images of the wars and conflict that have been a trademark of this country for the past three decades. In an effort to both revitalize the Afghan economy and reshape its image from one of war to one of peace, Material Culture has partnered with a group of village rug producers in Afghanistan to launch the Peace Rug Project. Working with the same village artisans who have been weaving images of tanks, guns and hand grenades for years, the Peace Rug Project has challenged these artisans to leave behind this imagery and weave instead images of peace. Small, folk-art sized wool carpets using natural dyes and depicting images of flowers, birds, animals, village life, and all manner of personal expression, have begun to emerge from Afghan villages and Material Culture is proud to bring them to the international market. This series of [...]

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Lecture and Reception 11/2/2013

Saturday November 2, 2 p.m. Mexican Folk Devotional Retablos Presented by Joseph F. Chorpenning, Editorial Director at Saint Joseph’s University Press. This illustrated lecture will focus particularly on the Mexican retablos being offered for sale at the November 3rd auction. Free, Open to the Public

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