Material Culture understands the unique challenges and opportunities of auctioning large single owner collections and estates. Where others may seek to cherry pick a limited group of high value items, we strive to see the bigger picture and tap its potential for making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We invite all interested parties to contact us to discuss how Material Culture can best serve your practical and logistical needs while enhancing the value of the total package of items you wish to sell. Please contact us by email:, or call our auction department at 215-438-4700

The GlaxoSmithKilne LLC, Fine Art CollectionThe GlaxoSmithKline Collection:
456 lots offered, 456 sold

The Kristina Barbara Johnson EstateThe Kristina Barbara Johnson Estate:
987 lots offered, 967 sold

Direct From The Eye: The Jonathan Demme Collection of Self-Taught ArtThe Jonathan Demme Collection of Self-Taught Art:
1048 lots offered, 931 sold

“I’m so grateful to Material Culture for conceiving of this auction as an exhibition, an event where anyone who shows up will get to see this “quirky” collection in full display. Artists whose work I first encountered in the dusty attics of the Centre d’art or the Iron Market, both in Port-au-Prince, or in the Jacmel Artists Co-op, will now be in a show in Philadelphia!”

—Jonathan Demme

silver_shop_cat_coverThe Silver Shop, Princeton, New Jersey:
1095 lots offered, 1034 sold 

Estate of Alexander R. Raydon, Raydon Gallery, New York, NY:
889 lots offered, 860 sold

The Bob Brand and Liz Werthan Collection

The Bob Brand and Liz Werthan Collection:
888 lots offered, 840 sold

Private New York Collection of American Outsider Art
339 lots offered, 335 sold

The Allan Stone Collection, New York:
577 lots offered, 577 sold

The Estate of Mary Bert Gutman, Pennsylvania
160 lots offered, 159 sold

The Roger Hollander Collection of Indian Mainland Textiles:
168 lots offered, 154 sold

The Leigh Marsh Collection
Antique Turkmen and Oriental Rugs | Fine Art
168 lots offered, 154 sold

eileen_ford_cat_coverThe Eileen Ford Estate:
320 lots offered, 318 sold

The Bill Liske Collection, Colorado:
189 lots offered, 180 sold

Andonian Collection, New York:
208 lots offered, 190 sold

The Aaron Fine Estate, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania:
889 lots offered, 860 sold

The George Anderson Collection, Philadelphia:
235 lots offered, 232 sold

Walter Holmes Conrad Estate Collection:
144 lots offered, 144 sold

The Peggy Knowlton Collection:
632 lots offered, 632 sold

The Joseph Pauletich Collection, New York:
1133 lots offered, 1110 sold