The artifacts we sell are only part of what we offer to help you create a space, project, or event. Both our inventory and dramatic retail space are available for rental. We also offer interior design, custom carpets, and carpet cleaning and restoration. If you need an item appraised for insurance, auction, or other purposes, we are happy to apply our expertise. Furthermore, in recognition of the difficult economic choices facing everyone today, we are expanding the conventional business model to include opportunities for you to sell or trade your own items.

Time can wreak havoc on carpets, but fortunately, our time in the trade of fine textiles has also provided us with the knowledge and experience to restore them to new life. In the world of handmade art, there can be no substitution for hand work; all the elements of a rugs’ original production–dyeing, spinning, sewing, and weaving–are also the foundations of its repair. We can treat damage or holes by reweaving matching dyed wool to assimilate with the design, or by sewing the carpet to forestall further loss. All of our processes are done by hand and with extreme care.

When cleaning carpets, we treat each one on a case-by-case basis, making sure to stabilize any weak or damaged areas. After the removal of any dry soil, spots or stains are pre-treated or taken out, depending on their type, and then the carpet is submerged in water and cleaned with specific detergents. We can also target our cleaning process to the removal of odor, the softening of deteriorating or stiff areas, or the modification of color and tone, including color run. We have the experience to clean delicate or fragile carpets, and the facility to clean large carpets, up to 25 x 40 feet.

A  hand-woven carpet is a quintessential piece of ‘material culture:’ both its function and beauty are fundamental to the life of a room, and a luxury carpet is a treasure that can be an heirloom for generations. For all of these reasons, why compromise on any of your carpet criteria, when you could have one designed and created to your own specifications? We at Material Culture have been in the business of manufacturing fine carpets for decades, and have a tradition of working with individuals, interior designers, and businesses to design handmade carpets. Our commitment to the importance of one-of-a-kind objects is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in our ability to make the carpet you imagine a reality.
Our vast inventory of exotic, hand-made and antique items are available to rent for use in film, television, commercials, public and private events. Email or call us at (215) 849-8030 for information on terms and conditions.
Our in-house delivery covers the tri-state Philadelphia metro area. If you live outside of this region, we work with a network of other shipping services to deliver your items safely. In these cases, shipping cost and timeline can be negotiated between you and our local shipping professionals.