On Exhibition Now: The Miniatures of Curtis Coyote

Reception & Refreshments | Saturday, May 12, Noon-3pm | Free, Open to the Public

“I have always been struck by how we strive for a kind of visual perfection. We look for the straight line, the clean smooth surface, an organized and ordered world. But when I look at our surroundings, the outside world, a beautiful chaos reigns. A chipping, cracking, sagging, debris filled chaos is all around us. Here, in miniature, I try to recreate the largely overlooked world we live in every day. The beauty of a disordered scene, so familiar, but rarely celebrated….”
Curtis Coyote

With over 30 years as a scenic artist for theatre, film and television, Curtis Coyote worked in many media, creating fully realized scenes and stories, props and contraptions. Curtis worked on television shows like “Northern Exposure”, the remake of “The Fugitive”, “Wheel of Fortune” and “Design Invasion”. His Film Credits include “Invincible”, “The Hunted”, “Rocky Balboa” and “The Ring” to name a few. His passion for creation and the skills and talents he brought to his scenic career, have a wonderful outlet in his Miniature work exploring the beauty of a disordered scene.