Throughout the history of Material Culture and its associated companies, our work has been rooted in the lives and the art of the craftspeople in the far-flung countries we visit. Their dedication, artistry and spirit has always served as our inspiration, and we seek to honor them by study and to create projects that foster their work. This, as much as our desire to connect their humanity with yours through the objects of their creation, has formed the backbone of our organization.

Consequently, we invite you to explore our projects and studies in the field, to put places, faces and stories behind the artifacts you can find in our store. From our work encouraging weavers in Turkey to bring forth designs of their own imagination, to the Asoso Project for the creation of unique wooden furniture in Ghana, to the sponsorship of the late Nigerian artist, Twins Seven-Seven as artist-in-residence here at our Philadelphia location, to many others, our goal as ever is to bind continents together through the power of the creative will.


Field Articles: