The Peacebomb collection by ARTICLE 22, a jewelry line designed from weapons of mass destruction, is now on sale at Material Culture and will be featured in our “Give Peace” for the Holidays event on December 14th


ARTICLE 22 has been recognized by global consumers and press as pioneering the transformation of weapons to jewelry and, more generally, the tangible value of transformation through fashion.

Driven dually by design and development, ARTICLE 22 cultivates the untapped talents of artisans in forgotten or off-the-beaten-track places, promoting entrepreneurship and community development.


  • ARTICLE 22 designs beautiful and meaningful collections that tell unknown stories and give back.
  • PEACEBOMB, the first collection, is jewelry made from Vietnam War era bombs by Laotian artisans.
  • ARTICLE 22 seeks to embody a new luxury that intimately relates our objects and ideas.

As appropriate, additional giveback benefits a broader cause. For PEACEBOMB, each bracelet sold demines 3m2 of bomb littered land. The collections are composed of modern artifacts with a distinct hand feel. They are designed for those concerned by authenticity and quality, those curious to discover.

Article 22 “I Love Peace” bangles are currently featured in the “My Favorite Things”  holiday gift promotion giveaway to 10 lucky winners, sponsored by the Philadelphia Daily News (click for details)

Buying Back the Bombs from ARTICLE 22

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